Technology & Products

What is smartVIEW?
It is Commonwealth’s web-based system for the delivery and storage of escrow and title documents. Our system allows transaction parties to coordinate, update, deliver and manage pertinent documents. SmartVIEW is an efficient, effective, convenient, time-saving transaction tool.

24/7 Access
  • 100% web-based offering a single point of access
  • Track orders electronically
  • Mobile capabilities
Document Management
  • Expedited document review process
  • Download and/or print documents
  • Hyperlinked documents add convenience
  • Upload documents such as surveys, inspections, reports
  • Receive/download annotated maps, surveys, etc.
  • Access plotted easements posted to title docs
  • Subdivisions customizable with master files
smartVIEW Enhances Security & Reliability
  • Customized, controlled participant access
  • Secure and rapid document delivery
  • Regular backup of all system activity
  • Activity email alerts may be customized
smartVIEW Advantages
  • Robust document distribution and management
  • smartSTATUS order updates
  • Quick access to order information and documents
  • Reduces physical paperwork and postage
smartVIEW App*
Now Available for iPhone/iPad!
*For established smartVIEW account users.